1 – Contact Us

Firstly you should CONTACT US to arrange a time to visit and explain your requirements. We have a team of qualified staff who will be able to assist you with recommending hotels, properties, locations and give advice on any aspect of the Golden Visa Application. A visit to us should ideally be no less than three days and in most cases we can conclude everything within four days.

As we have experience of dealing with Golden Visa clients we have an established portfolio of properties that typically apply to this type of investment. The usual criteria are safe, secure and well located properties with an emphasis towards long term capital growth and rental returns. Should our Golden Visa clients wish to spend more of their time living in Portugal (than the standard minimum) then we can show a variety of other properties that may be suitable for client relocations which can include properties located close to schools / universities.

There is no need to select properties from our website that you wish to see. We can do that for you. Alternatively if you particularly like a certain style then we will be delighted to show you anything you choose from our website.

Our objective is to find the perfect property or properties that will meet your investment criteria within the period of time you are here. We understand you may have flown a long way and we will ensure your visit is successful and the objective achieved.

You will receive an email from us confirming where and when to meet. Normally we are happy to collect you from the airport and either start the process immediately or take you to your hotel should you arrive late in the day or wish to rest upon arrival.

2 – Paperwork to Prepare or Bring

Even though it is not crucial you bring all of your documents on your first visit it is recommended to maximise your time.

Documents you may need to bring from your home country are detailed below;

    • Valid Passportpassword2
    • Schengen Visa (which you have arranged to enter the country) – normally contained within your passport

All of the following paperwork from the country of origin will need to be translated into Portuguese and legalised. To avoid any delays we recommend these translations are undertaken by the consular services if possible. All documents will need to be legalised by the local Portuguese Consulate or Embassy of the country of origin or alternatively stamped with the Apostille of the Hague Convention.

  • Criminal Record (or Police Clearance Certificates) of the investor;
  • Criminal Record (or Police Clearance Certificates) of the spouse;
  • Criminal Record for the children over 16;
  • Marriage Certificate;
  • Birth Certificate for the children;
  • Proof of ongoing education for all children aged 6 and over. It is necessary to prove that all children are receiving education (this is mandatory in Portugal) including those over 18 years of age which are to be included in the family regrouping. Typical proof consists of the confirmation of enrollment and/or the student identification card. Please note the child needs to be studying at an accredited teaching institution;
  • Confirmation of valid Health Insurance in Portugal for all family members applying. If you do not have this then the lawyers we recommend can assist you; and
  • Proof of financial support to the family members (see section 5).


Documents for wife / husband and / or children only apply if you are going to regroup them to achieve Residency Visas in their name.

Please note most Criminal Records are only valid for three months.

3 – Meet Lawyers – Review and Questions

As soon as you get here we will introduce you to one of our recommended lawyers, who have handled hundreds of successful Golden Visa Applications, they will assist / provide you with the following;

Full explanation of the process and costs

A ‘Question and Answer’ Session

Obtain your Portuguese fiscal number

Open your own bank account

Schedule the appointment with SEF (Foreigner Service Department) to leave your biometrical data and complete the application form (this may need to be done at a later date – subject to the discretion of SEF). Biometric data involves giving finger prints to establish an identity of the applicant. You may be asked to make payment of the processing fees at this stage (see section 5 and 6).

4 – Property Choice

We will then present to you our property portfolio and this will include detailed explanations of the locations and why they are considered attractive and desirable from either a lifestyle choice or investment.

This process will take as long as you wish until you find the property or properties which fully match your criteria.

We will explain the buying costs and running costs of each property so you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

5 – Buying the Property

Once you have decided which property or properties you wish to purchase you can reserve the property usually with a minimum deposit of 6,000 euros per property which is payable to the lawyers. At this stage it is recommended you sign a Power of Attorney if this was not done earlier.

You will now return home and start preparing for the remaining funds to be transferred to the Lawyers. Please note that you will be required to provide proof of financial support to the family members if this is applicable. The guidelines in such cases are 6,060 euros for the applicant, 3,030 for the spouse and 1,818 per child. These amounts must be shown in a bank account. It is therefore recommended these amounts are transferred at this time into the Portuguese bank account for proof at a later stage.

The fees involved in the process should also be transferred at this stage and details of the government charges are detailed below. The taxes for buying property are covered on our main website. The conveyancing fees and the Lawyer’s Golden Visa fees will be advised separately.

Meanwhile the lawyers will undertake the necessary due diligence on the property or properties and will forward to you a Report on Title. This report will cover all the legal checks undertaken to ensure the property has no detrimental issues. Once this has been received by you and you are satisfied with the report then the remaining money needs to be transferred to the lawyers. A full breakdown of this amount will be provided by the lawyers.

Once the funds have been received the lawyers can proceed to complete the purchase of the property and transfer the ownership into your name.

6 – Submission, Fees & Approval of Golden Visa

The lawyers can now submit the Golden Visa Application – The maximum period of time, given by the authorities, for the Golden Visa Application to be approved is 90 days. In practice, it may take a little longer than this and we will give you up to date waiting times at the time of application. Should you wish to regroup your husband, wife or children the additional ‘regrouping’ applications will be made at the same time.

At this stage a fee for processing is paid to SEF (if not paid before) and this is currently set at 514.80 euros for the first applicant and 80.20 euros for other family members.

When the applications are approved SEF will advise the lawyer. At this stage the approval fees are paid. These total 5147.80 euros for each applicant.

After a period of ten days the Golden Visa Residency cards will be sent to the lawyers and forwarded in accordance with your instructions.

7 – Biometric Data

It should be noted that SEF have the discretion to delay the Biometric data request until after the application has been approved. If this is the case then the Golden Visa Residency Cards will not be issued until the Biometric data has been taken.

8 – Future Dates and Renewals

Following the successful approval of the Golden Visa and receipt of the Residency Card you can now travel freely among the Schengen Countries.


You must spend a minimum of seven days in Portugal within the next twelve months. The first renewal of your Golden Visa will be within twelve months. Renewal application can be submitted 30 days in advance of the card’s expiry date and you will need to repeat biometrics. Again SEF has the discretion to delay the Biometric data collection until after the renewal has been approved.

At this stage the conditions of the client’s Golden Visa application should remain in force and renewed Criminal Records will need to be provided. A fee is payable of 2573.90 euros per applicant and the current processing fees are as per the original application; 514.80 euros for the first applicant and 80.20 euros for each family member.

This new Visa will give an expiry date period of two years. Within this period the applicants must spend fourteen days in Portugal. The renewal process is then repeated for another two years, as above, which will then conclude in five years.

The applicant can then choose to renew the Golden Visa or apply for Permanent Residency at the end of five years and citizenship after six years. This is not covered by this website but all options will be explained in full by the lawyers.


Please note these guidelines have been produced to assist you in the application of your Golden Visa. We cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions. Requirements may change depending on legislation and we always recommend, as part of the process, you seek expert advice regarding the Golden Visa Scheme and investments of any form.